Love Is A Beautiful Thing

According to Archimedes, a famous Greek Philosopher, love is a single soul inhabiting in two bodies. There is nothing more beautiful than love. Finding love is the best thing in life. A man who finds a wife finds a good thing. Those are the word of King Solomon.

Love Does Not Fade

True love does not fade. It grows stronger with the progression of time. True love is carved into the heart where it stays forever.

Real love does not die. It also does not disappear but it continues to grow. You cannot live without a person that you truly love.

How Will You Know that Someone Loves You?

A man who truly loves you will never let you go no matter how hard the situation is. A woman who really loves you, can get angry at you for many things but she will stick around for the long haul.

Sometimes all that a girl wants is for you to fight for her. You need to make her believe that you want the relationship more than her.

A person who loves you will never live you even if there are a hundred reasons to live you. Such a person will find one reason to hold on.

Love is Loyalty

The real meaning of love is loyalty. Looks fade, people fade, but loyalty never fades. You can depend a lot on a certain person, you can count on the person, and that is what love is.

Love Conquers All

Love is more than a feeling. It is a commitment to stay with a person through all thick and thin. No relationship is perfect. Definitely, there will be challenges. However, love conquers all. No challenge is greater than love.

Love is more than diamonds, flowers, and chocolate. It is about understanding your better half and doing everything to make your partner happy. If you love someone, you will truly care for that an individual.

Your Lover Should Be Your Best Friend

Great relationships are created out of friendships. Your lover should be the person who you confide in. For your partner to be your great friend, you should be a great friend.

Love is a good thing. It is great to love and to be loved. That is the only happiness of life.

Many people are searching for love. Nowadays, you can easily find love online. Online dating websites have made it possible to find love virtually.

The Promise of Love

Love is a promise. It is supposed to last a lifetime. After committing to someone, it is good to be faithful.

Love is not selfish. It is about giving and taking. When in a relationship, you should not only be expecting to receive. You also need to give.

Love Endures Difficulty

Love is not all about bliss. There will be hard times. A person who truly loves you will always be with you through all the hard times of life. You will know whether someone loves you during the difficult moments. Someone who abandons you during a crisis does not love you.

You will not always agree with your partner. Disagreements are common in relationships. Actually, a healthy relationship will have disagreements at times. That is because, as much as you love a person, the two of you are different. You have different backgrounds and perspectives. That is what causes disagreements. It is good that disagreements are solved in a mature way.


For a relationship to flourish there has to be compatibility. It is hard to know whether a person is compatible with you, just by looking at the person. You will need to stay with someone for some time so that you can determine compatibility. Internet dating websites have algorithms that usually determine compatibility. There can never be great love if the chemistry is lacking.


You should trust your partner. Trust is the foundation of a great relationship. Without trust, a relationship will not work. You need to evaluate your partner’s trustworthiness based upon a strong overall record of dependability.


Jealousy does not show true love. It is a demonstration of insecurity. A jealous lover lacks confidence in oneself and in the relationship. A jealous partner needs to deal with the root cause of jealousy.

The Bottom-Line

Love is patient, it is kind and it never fails. Love is not rude, proud, or self-seeking. Love does not keep a record of wrongs and it does not delight in evil. It always protects, always trusts, and always hopes.If you love a person, you will be passionate about him or her. Passion never dies.